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Sydney Law Firm, Kylie Maxwell Solicitors is dedicated to advising our clients in key practice areas. We focus on legal issues with positive ethical outcomes. Environmental law, threatened species and heritage matters, as well as property, disability law and dispute resolution.

Cost-effective legal advice that gets the kind of results our clients expect

In 100% of cases, where we have advised our clients that they would win their case, their cases have been won. If you are facing legal challenges in any of our key areas of practice, we invite you to run your matter past us and we will advise on the best way forward.

Fast response

We are lean and efficient. A small law firm that gets big results, quickly and cost-effectively. Run your legal requirements past us today.  


The kind of legal work we do gravitates us toward socially responsible organisations, in which we become actively involved. 

Award-winning performance

Kylie graduated from the University of Sydney in 2000 with 1st Class Honours, winning 1st prize in Environmental & Discrimination Law in 1999.

Your interests at our heart

You need solutions to often difficult problems. We listen, then apply our insights and experience to create the way forward.

Lawyers who care

Our team are dedicated to the best possible outcomes when it comes to the issues we are passionate about. Ethical, sustainable law. 

Our core values

Integrity, reliability & accountability are the foundations of our legal practice and guide our work with every client we serve.

For the expert legal advice you might expect at a large law firm, with the personal service and cost-effectiveness of boutique firm –

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Do you have a legal issue that needs resolving, or wish to create a new pathway for your organisation that involves navigating an often complex legal landscape? Please provide us with some background information and let us know your needs, and we can help determine and advise your best strategy and helping determine your chances of success.

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