Pay an Invoice

Kylie Maxwell, Solicitors accepts payment in any one of several ways but will specify on invoices how the invoice is to be paid. Some options are:

  • pay by direct bank transfer or cash into our Bendigo Bank account by the due date using the account details specified on your invoice (this is our preferred method); or


  • send a cheque payable to “Kylie Jane Maxwell”, or if we request it before we issue an invoice, you will make the cheque out to “Kylie Maxwell, Solicitors Law Practice Trust Account”.  Please note we do not accept payment by cheque for the initial consultation; or


  • attend any NAB branch to deposit payments in cash with a deposit slip by the due date.  To pay in this way, ask us to send you a deposit slip; or finally


  • pay by MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Paypal payment through the Paypal button below.  Your invoice will show the amount payable by VISA, MasterCard or American Express through this method, which will include a 3% fee per transaction.  Payments made directly through Paypal do not incur a further fee.

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