Kylie Maxwell, Solicitors excels in the following key areas:

  • Conveyancing and Property Law;
  • Town Planning Law;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Commercial disputes to be resolved in Court or Tribunal or by negotiation.

The services that we provide are informed by fifteen years of experience in the legal sector, providing legal advice to businesses around Australia.

Innovative and modern approach

The firm is innovative in its thinking and its services reflect a modern approach to problem solving.  While it springs from modest beginnings, it has a large growth agenda.

Where an issue falls outside our range of experience, we have a ready list of consultants and experts to help us and you to drive your matter to the finish line.  These external parties have had their services tried and tested by us and have proven to provide excellent results.  They have worked well with our staff over time and are successful experts in their own fields.

A winning combination of academic excellence and proven results is brought by our staff to the resolution of your legal questions.  We provide solutions rather than complex ways of thinking.  Clarity is our specialty.

Your “go to” law firm

Our staff are always broadening and deepening their skill base, so if you have a legal question and you are not sure whether our staff can answer it, we suggest you consider us the “go to” law firm and call us anyway as we can certainly direct you to the right place if not provide the services that you need.


If you’re looking for a first class lawyer with a history of excellent results, you can:

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