People talk a lot about how their lawyers cost them a lot of money and how their lawyers milked them for every cent.  The experience I had with Kylie Maxwell Solicitors was completely different.  My company had a commercial dispute with another company about delivery of furniture and the timeliness of it and Kylie dispensed with the threat of litigation by that other company and the dispute itself within a matter of a few weeks.  This was due to the swift identification by Kylie of the true legal issues at hand and her expertise in crafting correspondence that was “to the point” and legally correct.  I am extremely grateful for her insights and the speed with which I could then get on with doing what I do best, which is to supply high-end quality furniture to all of my happy customers.

Danny Kiprovski, Director, DKOS Office Furniture Pty Ltd , 2015

We brought 3 disputes to Kylie to deal with and advise on.  One of them involved Victorian Supreme Court litigation commenced against Gayle.  Kylie took a no-nonsense approach to that litigation, and had Gayle’s involvement as a defendant struck out swiftly so that Gayle could get on with her life.  In relation to the second dispute, we knew that there had been a lot of history with the other company against us and that a lot of documents needed to be reviewed and we didn’t want to incur the costs involved in doing so, so we instructed Kylie to negotiate as best she could to see if the outcome could be resolved expeditiously.  It appears we are dealing with a very stubborn company and it will involve a lot of upfront costs to fight them in litigation.  Kylie was honest with us and informed us that without reviewing all of our documents (which involved previous litigation against Gary and a long history) it was going to be difficult to manage this new dispute and advise.  We appreciated her frank nature about this so that we could assess our next strategy.  In relation to the third dispute we had, Kylie aptly summarised the lack of strength of our negotiating position against the “defendant” so that we could assess that the way to get what we wanted  was not through lawyers but between ourselves.  There were no astronomical legal bills in this process, and a straightforward way of dealing with the matters at hand that did not involve Kylie advising us in an ill-considered way just so that she could run up legal costs, like some other lawyers might do.

 Gary and Gayle Anderson, G&G Andersons Plaster Pty Ltd, 2015

As first home buyers, we were  a little apprehensive about the process of purchasing a property and what it would entail and when and how much money we had to arrange to do it.  Kylie cut through the complexities to explain the process to us and was personable and available to meet us in person to do so.  We also managed to change our financier in the midst of the conveyance with a minimum of fuss (settled just one day after the completion date) which could have been a lot worse without Kylie chasing down the banks to progress it.  We would recommend Kylie’s services for new home buyers and buyers wanting to change their bank as Kylie strives to ensure that the process is clear and moves rapidly nonetheless.

Bhavin Desai and Hiral Jhaveri, 2013

“Like all new client/lawyer relationships, Kylie and I had to take the time to get to know how we both work, in order to work harmoniously and to achieve great things.  We engaged Kylie to advise us on a commercial lease and to get it signed to secure our premises.  Kylie’s advice was detailed and very thorough such that an ill-prepared lease was transformed into one with more modern concepts and which reflected changes to the laws affecting leases.  Had we signed the lease as it was originally prepared, it would have not made sense in the modern world and would have left judges determining issues on the lease by looking at it quizzically.  Thankfully we signed and secured the premises and we are confident that any future concerns between landlord and tenant will be dealt with through a document carefully and correctly crafted.” 

Doug Campbell, Director, Planet Green Recycling Pty Ltd, 2013